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Cosplayer since 2007, professional since 2014, I combine crafting, sewing, painting and many other skills to create beautiful and neat costumes. If interested check my Booking section and send me an email at contact@sxybloodcosplay.com !

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I love to share my process when crafting and I hope this will help you, if not you can ask for a
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Finally, the all-in 14ft mechanical madness is a success..
Meanwhile legs, tail and ribcage are all assembled, and ready for skin & scales.
He’s all coming together!

#ProjectWorldBreaker #Deathwing #Warcraft #WoW #Cosplay #Dragon #Wings #Animatronic

Finished my Demonic Brigitte shield today based on the design by @ZachFischer . Has 560 LEDs inside as well as a self made smoke machine. Tutorial coming soon! 😈 @Blizzard_Ent @Diablo @PlayOverwatch