Looking for props or accessories for promotion or simply want to bring a character to life for your event?
Cosplayer since 2007, professional since 2014, I combine crafting, sewing, painting and many other skills to create beautiful and neat costumes. If interested check my Booking section and send me an email at contact@sxybloodcosplay.com !

Want to see what I am able to make?
Feel free to browse my portofolio into Costumes or Props sections to see what I have been making for years. You want to support me? I have an Amazon wishlist with all the cosplay supplies needed.

Starting with cosplay?
I love to share my process when crafting and I hope this will help you, if not you can ask for a
commission! Find more into the Tutorials & Videos and Shop & Materials sections. I also share FREE Patterns and sell some cosplays/props/accessories!

“I choose who they see”
My K/DA Evelynn cosplay outfit is here! I hope you enjoy this devilish stylish photoshoot 💎


Les “clients” qui te font perdre du temps à te demander des infos, à envoyer des mails/dm, faire des devis, pour au final disparaitre au moment de valider pour le premier acompte 🙃

F o n t e 🖌@MadeOutOfFoam

@ that one commissioner that always makes you waste your time