Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Mortal Kombat X




Final Fantasy

Mileena from Mortal Kombat was commissionned by a new customer for an event, a real photoshoot is missing but snow was part of the event! Almost died freezing but the result is pretty cool! Borderlands licence is dope and in 2012 when the 2nd game was released I decided to craft Lilith Firehawk. Cell-shading was fun to make! But painting a tattoo on yourself isn’t the funniest part when you are alone. Bayonnetta was a real challenge with her weird guns/heels, the full opened back and the bodysuit! Hitman nun was a quick project and first try with bi stretch vinyl, not that easy to sew… And the Final Fantasy cosplays are the oldest ones with -almost- good pics, I also did Aerith and Lenne but it was in 2007 so the only pics I have are in very poor quality. Rikku and Yuna gamblers duo with Selene Cosplays.